Consecutive translations from French into Hebrew or Hebrew into French

MilaTova's interpreters regularly work in Court and Tribunal, where they translate the proceedings for our clients. The professional term for translations within the Court is "consecutive translation".

When the testimony of a foreigner unable to speak Hebrew is required, whether as a witness, accused or for any other reason, the assistance of an interpreter is indispensable. MilaTova's legal interpreters assist them all through the judicial proceedings. The lawyer asks a question in Hebrew, the interpreter translates it into French. Then the witness answers in French and the interpreter translates into Hebrew and so on. 

The interpreter does not take side and doesn't know the case. He is a neutral party and keeps confidentiality and privacy. The interpreter stands with the witness and doesn't pass any information.

MilaTova's legal interpreters are available for consecutive translations for arbitrations, business meetings or zoom meetings for languages such as French, Hebrew, English, Russian and more.



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