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Don't get "lost in translation" … Use trained professionals for your English-Hebrew/Hebrew-English translations read more


Prescription for a medical translation ... Only a professional medical translation can guarantee that your health will not be put in jeopardy by something as seemingly harmless as a slightly inadequate choice of word  read more


Legal translation ... Despite President Barak Obama’s recommendation to use automated translations extensively, until the advent of automated lawyer’s office, it is unlikely that machines will perform legal translations… read more


Making Sense of Automated Translation ... One of our Israeli blog followers recently provided us with a good laugh that we would like to share with you. read more


Automated Translation ... There are now three different types of translations available. Here is a brief outline of the differences between these translation methods. read more


To translate or copy-write: That is the question! ... So, translating consists of walking that fine line between fidelity and transparency, with a marked preference for fidelity... read more


You Want to Globalize, so Localize! ... But first, you have to internationalize… Confused? You thought you knew the meaning of these three words? Well, you most certainly do, but these words take a more specific meaning when applied to the translation industry. read more


Translating the Hebrew Calendar ... The Hebrew calendar is very different from the Gregorian one. This of course implies specific translations problems.The first question is : “Do you translate the date literally, or in order to match the date in the other language calendar?” read more


Bureaucracy and Translation of Official Documents ... Moving from one country to another or doing cross-border business almost always implies handling official documents in different languages. These will have to be translated and, more often than not, one stamp or another is required to legitimate the translation... read more


The Daily "Mission Impossible" of the Project Manager ...The translation world is changing daily, with new technologies, new challenges, and new concepts, yet some parameters remain the same. This, more


Get the most out of your translation service provider ... With such a side variety a words to choose from, both in extracting meaning and in re-injecting it, your translation service provider will benefit for as much information as possible to use the most appropriate words when working for more


Translation and immigration – Turning translators into immigration officers by eliminating them ... On the 14th of September 2010, reported a new unlikely role recommended for translations in North Carolina Mecklenburg County by Commissioner Bill James.

 A leaked internal e-mail revealed Mr. James opposition to the funding of the - legally mandatory - translators for people seeking assistance at the Department of Social Services (DSS) on the ground that most non-English speakers turning to the DSS for help are illegal immigrants more


Google Health Speaks or Garbled Sick Speak? ... If you thought that medical translations should be performed exclusively by professional medical translators, you are in for a big surprise!  

At the end of August 2010, Google launched a new community based translation project, Health Speaks. The aim of the project is to open the information door to health related articles to Arabic, Hindi and Swahili speakers, as the large majority of health related articles available in English are inaccessible ... read more


SEO Translating, a new field of specialization for translators? ... Only a third of the 1.8 billion global surfers are English speakers, and as a Common Sense Advisory Research indicates that 85% of all online consumers would only buy from a website if they could read about the product in their own native language, even if they had some competency reading in other languages, they clearly indicate that they want you to speak their language. So you also need to understand what they will be looking for in their own language... Read more


Who will lobby the EU for the translator? ... The EU languages department is acutely aware of the dearth of qualified linguist and is so worried about it’s future supply of professional translators and interpreters that it is actually taking action to increase the pool of qualified translators. Yet, the same institution findings about the serious economic damages caused by the lack of language skills has not, to date, given rise to any initiative to raise awareness of the importance of proper language use ... read more


More than € 1.5 billion loss in earnings for the translation industry as a result of the EU-wide new patent?

Launched December 2009, an initiative to create a single system for EU-wide patents, covering 38 countries including Turkey, is currently gathering momentum.

Had they reach this agreement before the beginning of 2009,  the translation industry would have faced a  staggering loss of earnings of  € 1 792 099 440  in a single year. At least, so it seems at first glance ... read more