Official documents, Notarization

The translation of official documents is a subfield of specialized legal translation. It requires absolute precision and the exclusive use of professional terms approved by the relevant official bodies.

In some cases, notarization of the documents is required. In Israel, MilaTova can handle this for you, whether it is a simple notarization, an apostil or another any other type of official stamp.


MilaTova also provides translations of official documents to lawyers, companies and individuals.



Sample list of translated official documents


Individual Status
Diplomas, professional certificates


Authorizations for Companies and Businesses


Birth Certificate

High School Diplomas

Certificate of Co. Registration

Christening Certificate

Academic degree

Cert. of Co. Name Change

Registration Extract

Professional Training Cert.


Bachelorhood Certificate

Medical Certificate


Marriage Certificate

Income Authorizations


Certificate of Integrity



Certificate of Name Change

Demobilization Certificate


Identity Card



I.D., Passport



Driving License



Divorce certificate



Death Certificate



Citizenship Certificate



Citizenship Application






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